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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trendy for 2011

Allow your self to be open minded and original when planning your 2011 Wedding.

Ceremony – Approaching weddings will take an outdoor spin. Although they are hard to predict, they are also beautiful, fun, relaxing. Remember that old barn on that country road you saw, with a beautiful overgrown pond and willow trees surrounding it? Vintage and historical weddings are taking a huge trend for 2011 weddings.  Recycling and wearing your mothers dress and driving a classic oldies car are great ideas.

– To create a rustic - chic feel, include old bikes, wallpaper and Victorian hats and gloves for accessories. Think 70’s Vogue.

Ceremonial Dinner - The menu should be traditional but presented in a modern way. Include country flowers, mason jars, and long rectangle tables to emphasize decorations. Details are very important so don’t be afraid to hire a wedding planner to help you. 

Reception - One of the biggest 2011 trends is having hand made (by you of coarse) elements incorporated into the wedding. This is very economical and fun. Include rustic chic concepts, but keep it simple and pretty. Nothing like a good o’l homemade strawberry jam. Or check out this flower making blog. How to make Flower arrangements. http://howtoweddingflowers.blogspot.com/2010/09/wedding-flower-trends-2011.html

The cake - Cakes should always be tall and elegant but a huge trend for 2011 is adding natural flowers and fun frills.
 2011 - Trend colours

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